IVF in 6 simple steps!

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IVF, as a medical procedure, can seem quite complicated, when in reality it is actually easy to understand. Fertility Expo 2019 gathered up all the information, to quickly sum up the method into six simple steps!


Before starting, the doctor runs some blood and ultrasound tests, to configure the procedure according to the woman’s needs. The two parts discuss the female’s fertile cycle and the purchase and usage of the prescribed medication. It is possible that the doctor will prescribe contraception, to control the fertile cycle.

Ovary Stimulation

The mother-to-be starts hormonal medication when she is ready to start the procedure. The medication aims to stimulate the ovaries and usually lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. When they reach the right size, one last injection is used to prepare the ovums, to initiate ovulation.

Ovum Recovery

After 36 hours from the last injection, the doctor, guided by ultrasounds, will inject a needle to absorb the liquids, including the ovums which can be found inside the ovaries.

Embryo Growth

What follows is the embryo development, which happens in a laboratory environment. Using sperm from the female’s partner or from a sperm donor, they fertilize the ovums on glass cases (in vitro), or by directly injecting a sperm unit inside the ovum. The embryos will grow for 5 days under laboratory conditions.

Embryo Transfer

To place the embryo into the woman’s cervix,  the doctor uses a catheter. If all goes well, the embryo will stay at to the womb’s walls, to  hopefully  start its life journey!

Pregnancy Test

After two weeks have passed, it is time to see the results. If it is positive, the two parts discuss for a pregnancy plan. If that is not the case, no worries; the procedure can restart on the next fertile cycle, until the results are finally positive!

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