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Unfortunately, we would like to inform you that despite the effort made since June 2018, the first IVF expo in Greece, Fertility Expo 2019, is canceled. This fact is the outcome of the efforts of a number of clinics to undermine Fertility Expo 2019. These specific clinics, after having declared their participation while concurrently were seeking details for the construction of their kiosks, have coordinately withdrawn their participation; a fact resulting in the uneven presence of just eleven clinics and the participation of more than twenty small centers that provide support services such as nutritional supplements, acupuncture centers, etc.

DK Marketing and Redia IVF Travel would like to thank, first of all, the clinics and professionals who have supported this effort through their direct and practical contribution, the communication sponsors, Mr. Iosifidis and Interform, Mr. Patoulis, as well as Elitour’s Board of Directors that despite the initial disagreements, supported and promoted this specific exhibition to their members, who demonstrated universal participation.

DK Marketing will continue to support the healthy dynamic of medical tourism through remarkable actions for which you will be updated soon.