About Us

DK Marketing is an International Export Marketing Company. From its start in 1999 DK Marketing has the trust of many more companies, both small and big ones, in order to increase their exports and to be established in external markets. DK Marketing’s goal is a continuous profitable growth of its customers.  For this reason it offers to companies results that increase their net profits and reduce their costs, through a design of a complete approach to international marketing.

For more information, please visit our webpage, at www.dkmarketing.gr.

Fertility Expo – Athens 2019 is organized in collaboration with Redia IVF Travel, a company with years of experience and expertise in the field of consulting services to couples who need IVF treatment.

For more information, please visit our webpage, at www.ivftravel.com

Idea Monkeys is an innovative marketing agency. Its vision is to disrupt the market by creating innovative concepts destined to achieve greatness and drive strategic business growth. Its marketing initiatives are deeply personalized and uniquely reflect the specific customer’s interest. Idea Monkeys takes under serious consideration the cultural insights of the target markets; thus creating concepts that establish cultural relevance and meaningful connections.


Interform is the leading company of expositional and architectural applications. It gives complete solutions expositional marketing to companies, public organizations and exposition organizers globally. Its 35-years successful presence to the world of exhibitions and its relevant experience, are its fundamental asset.